January 13, 2016

Fireworks 2016

 "Don't talk of Life as if its one big package of miseries -
it is the very essence within that passes through both you,
and your enemies and every permissible illusion.
Once you're opened to, and are awakened to your true nature,
fireworks light up your path,
irrespective whether it is a "Tariqa", or a pathless one!"
AainaA Ridtz
Firework 2016
Fireworks 2016

 "Financial crises are like fireworks: they illuminate the sky even as they go pop."
- James Buchan

Firework 2016
Firework 2016

 "The night is falling down around us.
Meteors rain like fireworks, quick rips in the seam of the dark.
Every second, another streak of silver glows: parentheses, exclamation points, commas -
a whole grammar made of light, for words too hard to speak."
- Jodi Picoult
Firework 2016

"When someone that you love dies..
it's like fireworks suddenly burning out in the sky
and everything going black."
- Muriel Barbery
Firework 2016

"I guess we all like to be recognized not for one piece of fireworks,
but for the ledger of our daily work."- Neil Armstrong
Firework 2016

I took these shots on 2016 New Year's Eve. It is very fun to watch the sky in our place, most household have lit their own fireworks as a way of pushing away bad luck on the start of the year.

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