June 15, 2020

Be An Optimist

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There is no rational reason
to remain a PESSIMIST
in a world full of so

May 27, 2020

The Potentialities For Growth Lie Within The Seeds

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From the seeds grows a root, then a sprout; from the sprout,
the seedling leaves; from the leaves, the stem;
around the stem, the branches;
at the top, the flower.

We cannot say that the seed causes the growth, nor the soil does.
We can say that the potentialities for growth lie
within the seeds, in mysterious life forces,
which, when properly fostered,
take on certain forms.
Mary Caroline Richards.

March 31, 2020

You Have To Be A Front-Liner

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If you are a leader,
you have to be a front-liner.
You have to lead people and
let them see that you are with them.
-Manny Pacquiao