December 8, 2015

The Tridax

"Many people have never learned to see the beauty of flowers,
especially those that grows unnoticed.
For instance, when you walk outside and look down on your feet,
you may see tiny flowers nestled in the moss
and clover hiding under a curled fern.
Most people stem on them. I paint them."
-Erika Just

The Tridax

"Where flowers bloom so does hope."
- Lady Bird Johnson

The Tridax

These flowers were framed in one of my visits in Tarlac. They look beautiful in clusters despite the fact that they are weeds and need to pull out.

As to the quotation, we used to neglect simple things that comes to ur daily life. Some of these are even  blessings that we forget to appreciate.

And for the second quotation, every flower than blooms might serves as an inspiration for us to keep on having hope.

Happy Tuesday!