December 2, 2020

There Will Always Be Someone “Better” Than You In Some Capacity

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There will always be someone “better” than you in some capacity.
There will always be someone smarter.
There will always be someone more creative and articulate and well-liked.
Someone thinner and more conventionally attractive.
Someone more knowledgable and skilled and better able to execute what you’re striving towards.
But that doesn’t invalidate the strengths you bring to the table.
It doesn’t mean you’re inadequate or that you’ll never be the version of yourself you want to be.
That’s just part of what it means to be human.
And it’s okay.
We’re all at different places on our journey.
We’re all a product of different histories.
We all have different struggles and limitations.
Different resources and barriers.
And so, what we’re able to give and create is going to look different.
-Daniell Koepke|The Minds Journal