December 29, 2014

The Color of Spectrum

Two weeks ago, on our way to work, Mommy and I witnessed a very beautiful masterpiece of Mother Nature - Rainbow.

That day, the rainbow is very beautiful because it was a complete arc rather than just a portion. So I pulled the car and framed it. The photo below is actually two photos merged together using Photoscape.

"Rainbows introduce us to reflections of different beautiful possibilities
so we never forget that pain and grief
are not the final options in life."

- Aberjhani, Journey Through the Power of the Rainbow


A rainbow is formed when the light coming from the sun passes raindrops. These droplets of water acts like a prism that will separate the colors of the visible light known as the spectrum. (the Physics Classroom)

Have you seen a rainbow lately?

December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Let us not forget the true meaning of Christmas ~ the Birth of Jesus Christ.

photo credits:

Merry Christmas everyone!

December 3, 2014

The Stigma

"The frangrance of flowers
spreads only n one direction of the wind.
But the goodness of a person
spreads in all directions."
- Chanakya

The Stigma

December 1, 2014


"Life is give and take,
we open up our heart and hold onto your trust.
We gift our love and are gifted with goodness.
If we don't give and take in our everyday lives,
then we have nothing to aspire or model to,
give and take it's the gift to life."
- Jasmina Siderovski


One of the difficult topics for me during high school days is the ecological interaction in biology subject. There are several interactions happening between organisms and most of them ends with "ism". One thing that stored in my mind is "mutualism" wherein both organisms benefit with each other's activity.

Just like the above photo, the  butterfly benefits from the nectar produced by the flower. On the other hand, the flower undergoes pollination process with the help of the butterfly. This interaction is also referred as "give-and-take" relationship.

This "give-and-take" can be seen this holiday season during exchange gifts in schools and offices. But if we are going to apply this in our daily activities, we must not consider this type of relationship. Giving in good faith is not waiting for something in return. Just think of the Karma Law. 

And if we are the one that received something, small or big, don't forget to say THANKS as an appreciation.

Have a very nice start of the week!

October 17, 2014

A Failed Attempt to Frame the Lunar Eclipse

When I heard the news that Philippines will be lucky to see one of the four lunar eclipses that will happen this year until 2015, I waited for it since I haven't seen the so-called "RED MOON".

The four lunar eclipses is called Tetrad which happens on April 15, 2014, October 08, 2014, April 04, 2015 and September 28, 2015.

On October 08, I finally saw the said astronomical event and Here is a failed attempt in capturing the Lunar Eclipse. I really need a new lens. Hehehe.

Lunar Eclipse

Did you witnessed the eclipse too?

August 6, 2014

Nueva Ecija Sky

"Clouds do not really look like camels
or sailing ships or castles in the sky.
They are simply a natural process at work.
So too, perhaps, are our lives."
- Roger Ebert

Nueva Ecija Sky (By-pass road, Cabanatuan)

"The soul can split the sky in two
and let the face of God shine through."
- Edna St. Vincent Millay

Nueva Ecija Sky 2
Framed this scenery on our way home from Nueva Ecija.

July 13, 2014

Stand Out from Gray

Here is my last entry for the week. I make the background in GRAY leaving the main subject colored for additional emphasis.

"You're dead if you aim only for kids.
Adults are only kids grown up, anyway."
- Walt Disney

"As kids we're not taught how to deal with success;
we're taught how to deal with failure.
If at first you don't succeed,
try, try again.
If at first you succeed,
then what?"
- Charlie Sheen

The first photo is taken during Matt's birthday while the second was captured on his summer class graduation.

I agree with the second quotation. We usually hear that we should not be afraid to fail because we can try until we hit our goals but when we succeed in our first try, what we should do next? Based on experience, we should not stop on that instead we can aim higher for further improvement.

Happy Sunday!

July 9, 2014


It's mid-week already and here is my entry for the week.Talking about "up, up and away", BLUE will be the easiest color you can think of.

"Clouds do not really look like camels
or sailing ships
or castles in the sky. 
They are simply natural process at work. 
So too, perhaps are our lives."
- Roger Ebert

Blue sky
Nueva Ecija Sky

This scenery is taken in a by-pass road in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija.

"The soul can split the sky in two and let the face of God Shine through."
- Edna St. Vincent Millary


Taken shot is captured in Bamban, Tarlac.

Do you enjoy watching the blue sky?

July 8, 2014


Here is my today's entry for challenge. PINK

"I believe in pink.
I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner.
I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.
I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.
I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles."
- Audrey Hepburn

The pink calachuchi

"Pink isn't just a color,
it's an attitude"
- Miley Cyrus
Two-Toned Flower (Four O'clock flower)
Some say that pink is a girl color but for me it is more of a masculine color. Just like what I saw in one of statement shirt: "Only real man can wear PINK."  

July 7, 2014


I've been in hiatus for a while in my Captured Moments post. In order to get back on track, I set a challenge for myself this week. I will try to post different photos with a theme - COLORS. To start, I choose GREEN for Monday.

"Green is the prime color of the world,
and that from which its loveliness arises."
- Pedro Calderon de la Barca

The Green Sepal

A sepal remained after all the petals of a gumamela (hibiscus) fell off.
"Never stay up on the barren heights of cleverness,
but come down into the green valleys of silliness."
- Ludwig Wittgenstein

The pointer
This is one of the photos that was erased when I forced to reformat my netbook. Good thing that there is still a copy of it in the memory card of my SLR.

Can you guess the color for tomorrow's challenge?

June 6, 2014

Scarlet 2

"Your greatest responsibility
is to live a life that nourishes your highest truth."
-Mollie Marti

I took this shot in a by-pass road in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija.

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May 20, 2014

Flower Power Tuesday: Yellow Bell

"Flowers are restful to look at.
They have neither emotions nor conflicts."
- Sigmund Freud

The Yellow Bell

"I made a circle with a smile
for a mouth on yellow paper,
because it was sunshiny and bright."
- Harvey Ball

Here is another perspective of the said flower:

I was fortunate to frame this flower before our neighbor cut the entire plant.

Have a nice tuesday!

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May 9, 2014

Randoms Shots Friday: The Innocent Chick

"The innocence of childhood
is like the innocence
of a lot of animals."
- Clint Eastwood

The Innocent Chick

I got this frame in one of our farm visits last month. The chick looks very calm and innocent.

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April 28, 2014

Nature's Touch Monday: The Butterflies

"Everyone is like a butterfly,
they start out ugly and awkward
and then morph into beautiful graceful butterflies
that everyone loves."
- Drew Barrymore

 “Life is short
 If you doubt me,
ask a butterfly.
Their average life span
is a mere five to fourteen days.” 
Ellen DeGeneres

It was really fascinating to see and witness butterflies especially here in our place which is considered suburban already. So when I found one, I try to grab my cam and took some shots.

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April 16, 2014

The Clouds of Pansol

"Clouds and darkness surround us,
yet Heaven is just, and the day of triumph will surely come,
when justice and truth will be vindicated."
- Mary Todd Lincoln 

"Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky,
are best relieved by the letting of a little water."
- Christopher Morley

These shots were taken during our search for a venue in our company summer outing in Brgy. Pansol, Calamba, Laguna.

April 1, 2014

Flower Power Tuesday: White Angel in the Sky

“He said that we belonged together because he was born with a flower
and I was born with a butterfly and that 
flowers and butterflies need each other for survival.” 
Gemma Malley, The Declaration

White Angel Flower in the Sky

"That though the radiance which was once so bright
be now forever taken from my sight.
Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor
in the grass, glory in the flower. 
We will grieve not, 
rather find strength in what remains behind."
- William Wordsworth

White Angel Flower in Sunset
I took this photo in different perspective. This is what I learned in reading photography books. Capture flowers in an unusual angle.

I framed the first white angel flower from under taking advantage of the blue sky as my background while in the other one, I used the setting sun as my background.

Which of the two is more dramatic?

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March 24, 2014

Nature's Touch Monday: One Foggy Morning

"Look deep into nature,
and then you will understand everything better."
- Albert Einstein

One Foggy Morning

One Foggy Morning 2
Everyday, we used to pass on this area. One day, the area was completely covered by fog and the sunrise makes a very nice effect. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture it since we will be late in our work. From then on, I always look on this area to be covered by fog again and hope to frame it already. Until one day,  I found these scenes and since we are still early for work, I parked and take a series of shots and got these two as the most beautiful.

I don't need to go to Baguio or Tagaytay to frame something like these, right?

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March 21, 2014

Sad or What?

““Every man has his secret sorrows 
which the world knows not; 
and often times we call a man cold 
when he is only sad.” 
 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

This is taken from the Dragon Dance at SM Marilao last Chinese New Year.

Looking at the boy carrying the last post or the tail part of the dragon, he seems to be sad.

Do you think he is really sad or just tired carrying and roaming around the mall?

March 18, 2014

The Lily

"Keep love in your heart. 
A life without it is like a sunless garden
when the flowers are dead."
-Oscar Wilde
The Lily
Here's one of the photos stored in my file. Matagal na dapat nakapost ito. Guess where I took this one?

A bit scary I took this shot, in cemetery last Undas.

March 17, 2014

Natures Touch Monday: Tiny Flowers

"Don't be ashamed to weep; 'tis right to grieve.
Tears are only water, and flowers, trees, and fruit cannot grow without water.
But there must be sunlight also.
A wounded heart will heal in time, and when it does,
the memory and love of our lost ones is sealed inside to comfort us.” 
-Brian Jacques, Taggerung

I haven't posted my captured moments for more than a month now. Actually, I got some pending photos on my memory card but I cannot find time to edit it since I am really busy at work and of course our crochet business.

Hopefully in the coming weeks, maisingit ko na ang editing para makapag-post na din.

Enjoy the week with a smile!

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February 11, 2014

Flower Power Tuesday: Can You Guess This?

Aside from flower, can you guess what kind of flower is this?

This is a close-up picture of a blooming pink rose. 

Wish to receive such beautiful flower this V-day?

By the way, I just want to leave a nice message:

"One of the most tragic things I know about human nature
is that all of us tend to put off living.
We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden 
over the horizon
instead of enjoying the roses
that are blooming outside our windows today."

-Dale Carnegie

January 29, 2014

Up, Up and Away Wednesday: Ball of Fire

"Sunsets, like childhood, 
are viewed with wonder not just because they are beautiful
but because they are fleeting."
– Richard Paul Evans

I already posted another version of this shot. You can check it HERE.

Let's make a survey. Which one do you prefer? The grayscale or this one?

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January 24, 2014

Random Shots Friday: The Oval

“Someone who doesn't make the (Olympic) team might weep and collapse. 
In my day no one fell on the track and cried like a baby. 
We lost gracefully. 
And when someone won, he didn't act like he'd just become king of the world, either.
Athletes in my day were simply humble in our victory.I believe we were more mature then...
Maybe it's because the media puts so much pressure on athletes;
 maybe it's also the money. 
In my day we competed for the love of the sport...
In my day we patted the guy who beat us on the back, wished him well, and that was it.” 

Louis Zamperini, Devil at My Heels: A Heroic Olympian's Astonishing Story of Survival as a Japanese POW in World War II
The Oval
I got this shot last November when we had a mini-picnic at the athletic field in my Alma Mater. This is the race track for the sprint events. This place is better known as "Oval" since this 400-m race track is shaped like an oval. 
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January 16, 2014

Grayscale Thursday: Star ng Pasko

“I think that we are like stars. 
Something happens to burst us open;
but when we burst open and think we are dying;
we’re actually turning into a supernova.
And then when we look at ourselves again,
we see that we’re suddenly more beautiful than we ever were before!”
- C. JoyBell C.

Pahabol lang....
I got this shot on New Year's Day at SM Marilao. These are one of their decors hanging from the ceiling during the Holiday Season.

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January 8, 2014

Orange Sun

"There’s a sunrise
and sunset every single day, 
and they’re absolutely free. 
Don’t miss so many of them"
– Jo Walton

I got this shot one afternoon on our way home from work. The sun was really big and orange. If I got a nicer glass (term for lens my professional photographer), I framed this better.

By the way, oldies said that when you see a orange or reddish sun, there is a strong storm coming. After a week of seeing this, "Santi" came. Is the saying true or just a coincidence?

January 3, 2014

Random Shots Friday: Tap-Tap

"We are all like fireworks.
We climb, shine and always go our separate ways and become further apart.
But even it that time comes,
let's not disappear like a firework, and continue to shine...

-T. Kubo (Tōshirō Hitsugaya "Bleach")

I took this last New Year's Eve. For 5 years, we didn't bought any fireworks or firecrackers for the said event. This year, Mommy and I decided to buy some for a change.

Many rush to Bocaue in buying fireworks and firecrackers but we bought it in Pulong Buhangin, Sta. Maria, Bulacan which is a bit cheaper.

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January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!

Greetings from our Family to Yours!

May God bless us more with happiness, joy, contentment and peace. We would like to thank you all for keeping this blog alive. Thank you for the continuous support and trust.

Happy New Year! Be positive and stay happy!

We love you!!! -  Mommy Maye, Daddy Allan and Little Matthew